Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Single Rose

Last night when my sweet hubby came home, I met in at the bottom of the stairs and he had his hands behind his back and a big smile on his face. I was about to ask him how his day went when he suddenly brought out this beautiful big rose. He is so thoughtful and sweet. I love him so much! He doesn't have too much free time right now. He comes home, eats, and then has to spend some time studying for his E-5 board in March. I don't mind though. This is a big deal for him and us and I want him to do well on the board. But it was very nice of him to think of me on his way home from work and want to get me something special. I love being married to a man who thinks of the little things that mean a lot.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A Walk Through Rodenbach

For a little while there the weather was beautiful and fairly warm.
It still is pretty; but today  it is back to being really cold. Despite that fact, I needed to get out of the house. I needed to go for a little walk; so I decided to walk to our little bakery here in Rodenbach and take a few pictures along the way. The first thing that catches your eye where we live is this huge steeple around the corner. I don't know what type of church it is but you can see this steeple from just about anywhere you are in Rodenbach. I also wanted to show you picture of sidewalks here in Germany. They're not the cobblestone sidewalks you see downtown or the smooth plain sidewalks you see in the states. I like them. They're pretty and add character to the streets; but if I'm too caught up with the scenery and not watching my steps, I end up tripping over myself quite a few times. They're very bumpy and I'm not very graceful.  I usually catch myself and just pray no one saw me almost fall...again :)

As you get into the heart of Rodenbach, you run into this interesting angel statue. I have no idea what it is and unfortunately it had no plaque on it. I just  like the way it looks. After I took this picture an older German man came up to me and asked me a question. I have no idea what he said, but I managed to  say, "Mein Deutsch is nicht so gut." That didn't seem to phase him because he just asked me another question, smiled and nodded his head. I just smiled and nodded my head back and that seemed to satisfy him. He is the first person who has said anything to me on the streets. Unfortunately I have no clue what he asked. I guess they don't see many people walking around with cameras in Rodenbach.

On my walk today I found a new building. It is right by the bakery but I have never seen it. It is some type of tower that I think was jointly used as a church and a school at one time; but has since been torn down. At least that's the jist I got from trying to translate it. Mrs. Angie? Does any of this look familiar to you??

                                        Finally I made it to the bakery. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of the inside; but next time I will.  My treat today was a coke and a pretzel. Mrs. Penny you were right. The pretzels from the German bakery are delicious! And I am now addicted to German coke. It has no fructose corn syrup, just real sugar. I love this stuff and it goes perfectly with a pretzel.

There are many more streets to walk in Rodenbach. I'll have to venture out and find new walking paths. I'm sure I'll get lost; but that's the best way to find things.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Home Sweet Home


Hello Everyone!
Quite a few people have been getting impatient with me and I am sorry! I haven't done a very good job of updating people. I'm trying to get better at that though; and I thought making this blog would be the best way to do it. Now everyone can be updated at the same time! Anyway, now that I've been here a month, Tyler and I have settled into our little routine. He
goes off to work and I have fun doing new chores as a wife...(no really I do :) Hopefully I'll be filling the rest of my spare time with college classes. In the meantime, Tyler and I are having fun slowly getting our house set up. Our latest addition was a cherry wood table from Ramstein yard sales. I was so happy to get that table. I will never again take for granted being able to sit at a table and eat. You don't realize just  how nice it is until you don't have a table! We also recently went to Ikea and got a reading chair for our "office" and a matching bookshelf to go with it. I am now patiently waiting for a little
 couch.  I can't wait to start decorating this house! Curtains, rugs, things on the walls (if we're allowed to)  I'm looking forward to hitting up some second hand stores and seeing if I can find any treasures. But for now, here are the pictures of what the house looks like now that we've moved in. I love our little home.