Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hello Again

Ok, ok, ok. I'm am very sorry about not blogging lately. Last week I was sick, and I'm sorry, but I didn't feel like blogging about my virus :) Unfortunately I gave it to Tyler so we were both knocked out for a little while. Thankfully we're feeling much better now. Last weekend we were even able to take a little drive. The idea was to go to a town called Saarbrucken. There's nothing of much historical value there, that I know of; Tyler and I just randomly picked a place to go. Little did I know, my husband had something up his sleeve. That is one thing I have learned about my husband. He is good at surprises. He's very good at making up stories along the way so I don't figure out he's trying to surprise me and he is excellent at acting surprised or keeping his cool when the big surprise is at hand. Point in case, my husband surprised me by taking me to France. Now, I was VERY excited; but really nothing happened. The border of France is like right next to Saarbrucken and with these open borders it's very easy to accidentally go into a whole nother country without meaning to. This is exactly how Tyler 'accidenatlly' went to France. The thing is he played it so well, I thought he really had done it by accident and I started to get a little antsy the whole ten minutes we were in France because he didn't have a pass to be in another country and that could have meant trouble if he got cuaght or something happened. We were in France about ten minutes altogether; which may not sound like much at all, but for me it was FANTASTIC. I saw French words and felt more at home than I do around all these German words. I am hoping Tyler can get a pass soon and we can go spend a day in France since it's only about an hour away from here. Now unfortunatley I didn't get any pictures. As I said, we were trying to find a place to turn around and we didn't get very far into it and we didn't see anything of picture importance. Next time I go though, I think I will fill up the whole camera because I won't be caught off guard. As far as actually making it to Saarbucken, well, we found it; but we couldn't find the 'heart' of the city so we ended up going back to Kaiserslautern and going out for lunch. But that didn't matter. I was out of the house, with my husband, and I got to be in FRANCE. That day was already perfect and nothing could bring it down.

 Speaking of sight seeing, Tyler and I are hoping to be able to go on a marriage retreat this month to Edelweiss. The trip is paid for by the Army and we would get to spend the weekend in a hotel in Edelweiss going to seminars and seeing the city. I would love to because Edelweiss is on my list of places o see. Tyler submitted the paperwork; so now we're just waiting to hear back from the chaplain whether we get to go or not. I pray we do. It would be awesome!

 And finally, I now have a way to get to our Army Ball picture. For those of you who aren't friends with my mom on facebook, I'll post it here so you can see it.

I just love the way he looks in his uniform! That was a very fun night. We had a good time at our first army ball. If Tyler's sergeant ever gives us the other pictures from that night, I'll post those too. And I will update the blog again soon. I value my life and do not wish to make any certain individuals...third mothers...Mrs. Angie... upset :) (just teasing!) I will do my best.

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  1. You guys look stunning!!!! I haven't been on the internet much lately because we don't have it in our home yet, but my little key thing was working pretty well this morning. I had a chance to catch up on your blog! I am so excited that you got to go to FRANCE!!! Can't wait to see photos of your Edelweiss trip. We always see commercials for it on AFN and hope to go up there one day! Hope you both had an amazing time!!!!