Thursday, March 24, 2011


When you're married to a Stuard, nothing ever happens in a normal way. I learned this when I lived with his parents for a little while; but now it is a daily part of my life as his wife. Life is never boring to say the least because you never know what to expect. And when you do expect something, it doesn't happen the way you expect it to. Or maybe that's just from being in the Army. Yesterday we found out that we were indeed on the list to go on the marriage retreat. We had originally been told a few weeks ago that we were not and that the slot was going to a couple who actually had marriage problems. Well they were wrong. Hmmm, the Army has tons of paperwork, but they don't have any organization. Anyway, we learned this yesterday and the bus leaves tomorrow at 6am!! Woo Hoo!! We weren't expecting to go anywhere this weekend; but now we get to go to Edelweiss....and it's paid for! I am very excited and I promise I will blog all about it next week.

Another bit of news is that we got an almost complete living room set yesterday when we weren't expecting it. Tyler's master sergeant just bought a whole brand new living room set and he was going to put his 'old' (one year old) living room set in his downstairs room. The hitch was that it wouldn't fit through any of his downstairs doors. At that point his wife just wanted it out of the house so he sold us the whole set...including couch, coffee table, end tables, area rug and a fabulous price. I have been searching the yard sale website trying to find living room stuff and then night, when we're not looking, we get a whole living room. God blessed us with that one. And now Tyler gets to put the little leather love seat upstairs and have his own 'man cave.' Pics will be posted when the furniture is all in place. Tyler was called out last night and didn't come home 'til this morning. So the furniture is all over the place right now. I just have to wait for him to wake up to move it.

I hope everyone enjoys their weekends!!

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