Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's About Time!

I have found something to help keep me busy and productive thanks to my new friend! Recently I met a fellow Army wife who moved into a house right down the road. This is not her first time living here; so she knows a thing or two about Germany. She also has programs to learn German. Yippee!! She has graciously let me borrow this program called Linkword.

 I love it! It is such a cool way to learn German, and it is actually what I did in my own way to learn French. What Linkword does is help you with word association. It tells you the German word and what it means, but then it gives you a scenario to envision and link to that word. For instance....

Lobster = "hummer".....imagine a lobster with a sense of humor
Mother="mutter"........ imagine a mother who mutters to herself   (hey, I have one of those!)
Sister = "schwester"....... imagine a sweater on your sister

It does this for every word. It gives you something to visualize. For me, what helps is the quirky associations. I have always been able to remember facts with the most random associations. It also goes on to help you remember the gender of the word. The whole program is just very cool and I am in love with it.  Finally, I am beginning to learn some German!

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